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San Francisco Financial District Condo

The project is an example of Siena working with an out-of-state  designer with the purpose of updating a newly purchased condominium.  In this case the designers are based just outside of NYC although we have worked with designers in La, Tokyo, and Italy.  The condo was to serve as a home away from home for Thai clients who had business in the Bay Area, and as a possible residence for one of the family to attend school.  In this instance Siena functioned not only as contractor, but took care of overall management by handling the permitting, coordination with the HOA, accepting and placing the furniture, etc. down to unpacking the dishes and putting them in the cabinets.  We checked and double checked instructions to anticipate conflicts and saw the project completed on time.  Siena has provided these services along with design, engineering, permitting, moving for , mainly, out-of-country clients.

Justine Lim Design