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Let's Make Something Beautiful

Siena Pacific is Northern California’s Premier Contracting Service

First, the underlying current of all our work is to see that the project achieves the design intent articulated by the designer. We view ourselves as part of the design team, in the sense that our primary duty is to execute the design. This is fundamental to our approach to the work. We do not sacrifice or compromise design ideas in order to make the project easier to do.

The second core principle is that projects work best on three legs:

  1. The client creates the atmosphere and boundaries of the project.
  2. The designer creates the design.
  3. The contractor sees the design built.

Siena’s core group consists of 15 craftsmen

This includes the cabinetmakers in our cabinet shop. Our work is divided between upper end designed residential remodeling and commercial work. The residential work includes single-family homes and condominiums in buildings ranging in size from converted two-unit buildings to 40-story high rises. In commercial work we have extensive experience in tenant improvements and remodeling for office spaces, retail suites, restaurants, medical facilities, and historical restorations. Siena’s cabinet shop has built custom cabinets, commercial fixtures, and furniture for these projects.

The range of services we have provided and continue to provide includes project design, construction, engineering, and move-in. Geographically we range from Napa in the north to Silicon Valley in the south and eastward as far as Piedmont.

We like the mix of commercial and residential projects because they can and do cross-feed one another. For example, we may find a sound control material on a commercial project that will have an application in a residence, or, conversely, a finish in a residential project that finds a use in a commercial project.

Two of our projects have won design awards from the American Institute of Architects. Most recently, one of our projects was selected from a group of over 500 entries for a Gold Nugget award.

We recommend that you browse our portfolio of custom owner and tenant remodels, which shows a range of our work.